Looking for a new 4 string bass price range is about 200 to 500 dollars but i will go a bit higher im liking Trabens and Thunderbirds but im open to suggestions. Anyone?
I personally love Trabens, as you can guess from the user name. Other good brands to look at are Ibanez, Schecter, ect... all those brands that get thrown around here all the time. Now with the thunderbird, some people love them, some hate them. I'd say try one before you buy it if you can, that way you will know which side of the fence you live on.
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I have always loved my Mexi Fender fretless.

I get that really earthy Death-type metal sound with it, or some really nice blues.

Can't slap, but I'm not really a slapper anyway.

At least consider fretless. That way if you miss a note, it's just your "creative expression"
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Trabens are fantastic basses, but I urge you to try one first. Some people find them to be uncomfortable or extremely awkward. Great value for the price though.

The Thunderbird is another love it/hate it bass. It has many devoted fans, and many bitter enemies. It's true that there are some rather glaring design flaws, but most of them (except for the upper-fret access), can be fixed with a little work. Again, try it for yourself and make your own judgement.

Other things to look at would be Ibanez, Yamaha, Schecter, a used MIM Fender, a used Spector, or even a used upper end Ibanez or Traben.
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Trabens are nice but obviously i love me some thunderbirds. Deffinatly try both before you buy, especially with two love or hate basses