So I got two pedals from a trade today. They're vintage (aka old and nasty) but one of them is decent.

Pre-Dunlop MXR Micro Chorus! Yay!

Boss "Heavy Metal" circa late 80s...Boo!

The HM-2 is really torn up and the knobs are basically falling off the pots...I think this needs to be traded again. Not a metal fan. The chorus is pretty glassy. The HM is pretty BLARGH IM A METAL PEDAL BLARGH.

All traded for an EHX Screaming Bird that I used, oh, twice?

Here's a clip of the Chorus at about half effect:

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cool clip.

i really like that micro chorus, to my knowledge they have just released a new version of the mxr micro chorus and they have some beautiful soundclips on the dunlop website.
oh those look hots.
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Love that HM-2. Dial in a good amount of bass and dial down the trebble a bit and it becomes a pretty sweet fuzzy distortion. Can be heard in some Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine

Edit: Weird that you found it so 'metal.' It had a lot less gain than I thought it would and its a bit saggy/fuzzy. Also, that's a pretty nice sounding chorus too
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The chorus is amazing. I got some sweet Stevie Ray Vaughan tones (think Cold Shot) that are just dripping wet.
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Freaking wicked chorus dude, HNAD!
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