I've been playing for a few years now and have mostly tried to improve on my lead playing and soloing ability. I have, however, neglected to work on rhythm playing and find myself pretty inexperienced when it comes to playing behind a lead guitarist.

Now that I'm home for the summer and my cousin lives down the street (he plays drums), I'm going to be jamming with him a little bit. It will, however, just be me and him, so I'm trying to improve my rhythm playing right now.

If anyone can point me in the right direction with some links or just some knowledge that'd be awesome. Any help is appreciated.
I need to work on mine too. Honestly i would practice on an acoustic, not an electric, like the greatest rhythm guitarist ever does... Keef Richards. Theres something about an acoustic thats unique. Plus its kinda harder to play and acoustic than an electric so if you get it on acoustic you will get it on electric. I really need to work on my rhythm playing this summer.
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Do you mean rythm playing as in acoustic, metal, rock, country, jazz, classical???

Well, rock would be ideal. But I'm open to learning how to play any style. Really, anything that could improve my overall rhythm playing would be awesome.
practice muting in between chords using the hand u use to fret the strings, experiment with different strumming patterns up down, down down up etc and hit different strings when strumming like two low strings downstrum and some high strings for the upstrum, also use palm muting to get more control of what your playing, generally just experiment with these techniques