Is it possible to record for only a certain time?

For example, if I we're to have music from measures 1 to 4, and then some more from measures 8 to 12. I need to hear measures 1 to 4 so I can get the tempo and know when to start playing, but I can't do that without recording over it, which I don't want. I do little tricks to get around this, but it would be much nicer if I could just select the area I wanted to record in. can i do this?
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I have Live 8. Just highlight the section you want to record and it records just that part I believe. If that isn't correct, im sure it involves placing a start and end record flag buttons at the top next to play and record that look like this ---> _/`` and ``\_
Problem solved:

Ok so ignore my first sentence in the post above as it was incorrect. My second sentence is somewhat correct-ish.

So in your track, set the loop region (The markers that are laying on top of the track already) over the specific area that you want to record. Then, make sure to turn on the punch-in switch and the punch-out switch (On Live 8, these buttons are located on either side of the loop button, might be the same with 6). Make sure that the loop button is off or else you will start to record over what you just recorded. Turn on the record button. Now, just click where you want to start playback and press play. Just as you asked, it will record only the selected looped region preventing you from recording over your already recorded section while still being able to match the tempo.