when i tremolo pick on the low e, my 3 other fingers are not positioned or anchored anywhere is this right? should i continue practicing this way or is it wrong? i am still using my wrist.
Anchoring is always wrong.

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i play like that and it works for me, whatever works
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Not anchoring is generally considered the right way to play. By the tone of your post, I'm gonna assume that you anchor normally or think that anchoring is correct. In either case, that's wrong.
thanks all for the replys. yeah i always played anchoring but a few weeks ago changed and my speed increased dramatically. funny the little things...
The same results can be achieved with or without anchoring. However, anchoring can lead to injuries and take away from the fluid motion of the picking hand, and so it would be more difficult to improve alternate picking with it. Some players like John Petrucci, Michael Angelo Batio, and Steve Morse anchor. Others like Shawn Lane and Paul Gilbert don't. All of them are great at alternate picking.