im stuck between 3 amp heads, and they all have minor flaws. first is the mesa dual rectifier and my only problem with it is hard to find a good lead tone. next is the 5150 which doesn't have very good cleans and i use clean a lot. third is the bugera 333xl which is the only one i haven't played and i am unsure about the reliability. so help me pick.
feel free to recommend me other heads between $1500 and below
If you want cleans then most definitely go with the Mesa.. It is hard to find a good lead tone.. Trust me I have one.. But once you do, once you've spent all that time tweaking, you'll appreciate it...

Just remember to write down your settings. Because knobs to get turned.
you can't find good lead tones on a mesa recitifier.....
what are your needs exactly?
bands, influences, sound-a-likes?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
me finding a good lead tone might have been the limited time i had to play on it.
i need a heavy rhythm tone, a classic shredder tone minus all the douceness if possible and good if not great cleans.
the mesa definitely can do that....you just got turn the knobs on the front and turn the knobs on the back.
was it in full power with s/s rectifier mode?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Go with a Mesa Dual Rectifier. The company has recently tweaked the amp and all of the professional reviews say it is noticeably better than the previous models - and that is definitely saying something! If you are willing to spend an extra $500.00, take a look at the EVH 5150III. The one I played was spectacular. It really did live up to the hype.
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it was on full power. I guess im going to have to take another trip up to gc soon.
but it was a used one so it might have just been one of the "ehh" ones.

edit: is the multiwatt version the new and improved one
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