I just bought an Ibanez with an Edge III (shut up) and I got it with horribly light gauge strings. It was unplayable, and therefore I popped some .12s on it. So i put the strings on, and proceeded to tighten the springs, as the trem was pulled up. I tightened them as much as possible, but it didn't help. I tried to add an extra spring on it, but apparently I cant. What should i do?
I've considered blocking it, but then the trem would of no use.

Edit: I can't use small strings. I like to have a huge beefy sound, and slinky strings just don't do it.
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then dont buy a floating trem guitar, because youll need like 6 springs to do that, which is a tough feat to accomplish. have fun bro
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What tuning are you in?

You can't use 12s for standard on any floating bridge. I use 12s for Drop C tuning and they're still pretty tight and the springs are screwed pretty far back. I use 9s for standard tuning. The highest gauge for standard tuning would be 10s.
Basically sell the guitar and buy a fixed bridge, or use lighter strings. Why can't you put more springs on? How many do you have right now? I remember putting 5 on my RG350.
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Shenanigans. Tune lower or use lighter strings. You really don't need uber heavy strings to sound meaty, and anybody who says it's absolutely necessary to have ropes on your guitar to ensure thick tone is just compensating.

You should be able to squeeze another string in the back.

One last thing. Edge III's get way too much hate. They're really not too bad assuming you're smart enough to set one up.
12s on a floating trem? Are you playing in standard?

Those strings are too thick for such a delicate guitar buddy, get yourself some smaller ones, or tune down!
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The Ibanez neck isn't thick enough to handle 12's if you are playing in standard so there is no point adjusting the bridge to handle 12's. It's just too much tension. I had 11's on a couple of my RG's and still had to add extra springs but at least the neck didn't pull out of shape. What I ended up doing is pulling the end of the spring that is supposed to go into the steel black all the way past the block so that the end hooks over. Then I tightened down the metal bar that stops the springs from popping out. This help the extra springs so that they didn't move around.

For those who have never looked at the Ibanz edge trems, they only drill 3 holes for springs so adding more takes some creativity.
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