against all common knowledge, i got a Nady UHF-3....i hope it doesnt suck....numbers wise it looked good gets down to 35hz, 120db sensitivity, AAA batteries, other numbers beat specs on $500 units.....

also i made MF.com price match it with Zzounds -%10 .....so i paid $112 and got the 2yr warranty for $15...so if it does suck/break i keep trading it in....

if this thing is TOTAL FAIL ill let yall know + ill never trust ANYYHING i read on a spec sheet lol, reviews throughout the web are all from bass players claiming its great....+ i needed a Balanced output in my chain & this unit supplies that also so its a 2 birds thing.....

not braggin at all just nervous/anxious wanted to tell some1, OPINIONS? advice?

its uhf. i can't be all that bad. now if it were vhf, you might have issues. don't sweat it dude.
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