Hey guys, serious question this time
Some of you may know me as I try and help EG as much as I can but maybe you ibanez freaks can help me this time..

I'm shuffling between these two guitars..for now:

Ibanez RG3120FM Prestige for $1550 AUS

Solid Mahogany Body
Unique chevron AAA Flamed Maple top,
Amazing color and natural binding.
3 Peice Wizard Prestige Neck
24 Dunlop Jumbo frets
DiMarzio BREED (bridge)
DiMarzio PAF Pro (neck)
Ibanez Low Edge Pro tremolo
5-way toggle switch,
volume and tone controls
Has DiMarzio Strap Locks Fitted
Gotoh Japan Tuners


Ibanez J Custom RG8570DR for $1700~ AUS

Body : Flamed Maple(Top), Mahogany(Back)
Neck : 5 Piece(Maple+Bubinga)/Wizard neck
Finger board : Rosewood(Flame Maple binding)
Fret : Custom Jumbo(SBB216-195)
Bridge : Edge Pro
Neck Pickup : DiMarzio Air Norton(H) neck pu
Middle Pickup : DiMarzio Blue Velvet(S) mid pu
Bridge Pickup : DiMarzio Tone Zone(H) bridge pu

Neck Dimension : Scale 648mm/25.5"
a : Width at Nut 42mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c : Thickness at 1st 19.5mm
d : Thickness at 12th 21.5mm

Serial Number : 39048
Year of Manufacture : 2003
WEIGHT : 3.72Kg
I know its a lot to read but....
Help guys?
Pro's and Cons?
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The J custom hands down to me. I really like the extra versatility of the single HSH configuration and that red is beautiful.
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personally id get the red one i like how it looks and i also like the pick up position of middle and neck pup
J.Custom. On top of being of slightly better build quality it's also got the best pickup configuration on the planet: H-S-H
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considering that this J.C doesnt have that stupid vine inlays,its far ahead

im personally a fan of the vine inlays =P
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im personally a fan of the vine inlays =P

then buy a new JC..job done..but if you dont like the Edge zero trem,thats a problem

right out of the box the JC has better quality..
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