Is it considered better to have your thumb straight when holding the pick or bent? I know its better to do what ''feels right'' but for me nothing really feels right so i was interested in what would be more efficient.
i cant tell you what to do but i can tell you just do it and dont worry about where you thumb is and it will fall in place
i use streight btw
i use very bent, it's easier for me to do harmonics
but just do what feels right
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I change it up depending on what I am doing. I hold it one way for trem picking and another for sweep picking.
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I mix it up, i change when doing pinch harmonics and such like mentioned above, and straight when strumming chords.
My thumb is very straight, most people would nearly have to hyper-extend the joint in their thumb to play with their thumb in the position I use. My hands are quite flexilbe, I don't imagine this position would be advisable for most.

I recommend you drop your hand loosely to your side, and notice the position your hand is in. Your thumb and index finger should be touching, or very nearly touching. Place a pick between them. That's your ideal picking hand position.
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