I've been stuck with this for quite a while now, so if anyone out there can give me some suggestions It'd be appreciated.
As far as I'm concerned, this is all I need before I'm done:
Verse 2
Verse 3 (maybe)
Chorus 3 (maybe)

*The approximate length of the song goes here* Minutes of Miracle

The sun still shines behind these clouds like the smile you hold inside
But beams of light still shine through like the sparkling in her eyes
I’d do anything to see that smile, shining out bright and true
Like the sun after a morning rain, I’d do anything for you

Tranisition 1
Still I pray for you to descend from the heavens
And come back home, back home
Still I pray for a miracle

Chorus 1
I watched her soar on angel’s wings
I feel my spirit lifting
Take my hand; let’s fly away from this place
I’ve never seen such a perfect sight
I have never felt so right
Take my hand; let’s fly away from here
It doesn’t matter where; as long as you’re there!

Verse 1
No shadow’s dark enough, no weight could ever crush
The feeling that I get when you’re around (Nothing can bring my feet back to the ground)
No wave can wash away, no distance is too great
Without you I was lost but now I’m found

Transition 2
Still I wait for you to come back down to earth
And meet you here, see you here
Still I wait for a miracle

Chrous 2
Her voice the choir of heaven
Her eyes the ocean deep
And it’s her I see, in all my dearest dreams
She looks so perfect as my eyes
Watch her gliding in the skies
But angels can't stay on earth
So you fly away, and still I pray to you

Do all my prayer go unheaded?
Are all my hyms lost on you?
Just another voice in the choir
Just another body on the cross
If there was an exalted being
He'd bring me back to you
If there was a God
I would fly alongside you

Chorus 3
I watched her soar on angel's wings (So far beyond my reach)
I feel my spirit lifting (But not high enough to touch)
Take my hand (Please); let's fly away from this place (Don't leave me behind)
I've never seen such a perfect sight (Too good for me)
I have never felt so right (More then I deserve)
Take my hand (Please); let's fly away from here (Take me with you)
It doesn't matter where, as long as you're there (I can't live without you)

I know I ask for a miracle
But all I want is you
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I like it man. Tried to think of another verse for you but didn't really come up with anything decent but Im sure if you keep at it you'll come up with something.

I don't really think you need as much as 2 verses a pre chorus and a bridge to finish it. A good rounding up verse could finish it nicely. Then you could always improve it in the future after playing it for a bit.