So I've been playing my Spector Legend Custom 5 through a Fender Bassman 400 Pro Combo of a friend's for a few weeks now, and I LOVE the sound I get with it. They refused to sell it and I was pretty bummed, because I was in the market for a new amp and they stopped making that amp a few years ago. The next day, lo and behold, I stopped over at the local music store, only to find a new 400 Pro Combo. I couldn't believe my luck, and am stopping over tomorrow to potentially buy it. It has the Bassman 400 Pro head with a 2x10 cab and a built in tuner. It has a surprising amount of low end, and is quite loud. I don't plan on playing any gigs where I would have to rely on its full power, and it has an XLR out for PA systems.

So UG, any thoughts/criticism/hate/love toward the amp that I should be aware of before I buy it?

Thank ya kindly.
its good never owned 1 but anytime i plug random basses into em in shops i get good round sound + they feel solid + built in tuner is nice a main reason i plug into these when dealing with all the de-tuned shop basses - i have to over-compensate with rig only reason i dont have a bassman 2x10 combo....better than the 1x15s also IMO....

good find it IS agood all in one

Have Fun!
I've never heard anything wrong with that series, so my guess is go for it.
Love these amps. Fender knows how to make em. I would jump on it.
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I've never heard bad things about those amps. I heard the Bassman series of amps are pretty good, however I have heard you can get better in that price range. But if you play it and you like it, then I would see no reason to not buy it.
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