I have an epiphone SG (pretty much a starter guitar) not sure what pickups are in there, but they are stock... I play a variety of stuff from post rock to metal, and was wondering if a pickup upgrade would be more beneficial for the price then saving up for a new nicer guitar. All my other stuff is in my sig (amp, effects, etc.)

Are there any recommendations for good pickups to compliment the 6505?

Bands im listening to and play around with now are stuff like Lamb of God, Russian Circles, In Flames, Explosions in the sky, The Faceless, Animals as Leaders (attempting without a 7 string haha, key word ATTEMPTING) , Scale the Summit, etc.

So overall more high gain tones than cleans.

Thanks guys
I think you'd rather have a new guitar

Faceless, In Flames for sure use EMG Actives... Maybe Tosin Abassi too but he's got all kinds of crazy custom guitars. Lamb of God's Mark Morton uses Seymour Duncan SH-5, or Custom 5? I'm not sure. Passive higain PAFs though.

The standard for post-rock/metal is generally stock Gibson or Fender pickups, but obviously it's a wide genre so I probably shouldn't generalize like that. Gibson Burstbuckers or PAFs or whatnot would be a good choice. The Gibson Iommi, 500T, and Dirty Fingers are the highest gain Gibson pickups, so I'd probably put one of those in the bridge for decent higher gain tones.