(Hey -- long time lurker, but something came up and I'm forced to thin my collections. If you want references, I'm gsteph22 on Harmony Central, and vault-tec on ebay)

It's time to lighten my collection up a bit... and you benefit!

This is my Carvin B4 bass. I bought it new from someone whose husband passed away before he got to play it... .

It's been played maybe 10 times. I don't have a bass amp, and I just wasn't that into it.

Retail on this is ~$945... I'm letting it go for $549 + shipping.

Built in 2008
Retail: $943

  • It's Carvin! Their quality is amazing for the price.
  • Flexible: can go from Fender P-Bass to deep, velvety tones.
    (Carvin's bass electronics are miles ahead of their guitars)
  • Maple Neck / Alder Body
  • Deep black finish
  • Gold hardware
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Tung Oil Neck
  • Pro setup
  • Crazy low action, easy to play
  • New strings!
  • Comes with HSC.
  • Very light usage - one tiny chip on the back, light dust scratches on the front.

I'm a horrible photographer, so apologies...