Hey Everyone!

I'm a fingerstyle guitarist. I've been playing for 4 years and have a simple question that I should have asked long ago. It is about barre chord transitions.

When I barre a chord that requires a full barre to the low E string (e.g. F#m7), and transition to another chord that also requires me to barre, but only up until the A string (B7), I tend to leave my index finger barred to the low E string. I do this because the transition is easier. But I see other guitarists who make the effort of bringing down their barre down one string, even though I see this as unnecessary. Is leaving the barre up to the low E string when unnecessary, improper?

Many thanks!
You can leave your fingers on the whole 6 strings, just so long as you don't pick or strum the E string (unless you want to).

When you play more bar chords, you will find out what works best for you.
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It might be "improper", but as long as it's comfortable, go for it! And as long as it doesn't alter the sound of the chord. Just make sure you don't play the low E string when you are playing A string based barre chords.
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I also leave my finger across all 6 strings even though I purposely try and not to play the low E string.
While someone may tell you its improper, which I am sure it is, I have never seen it as much of an issue.
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Thank you, you've all been very informative and helpful (except you Mr_CiNiC, f*ck you.)
Love you too, babe.
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i know! barred chords are pretty hard to get consistent across the board for me

to TS, just play in the style that lets you nail the chord most consistently. theres no real wrong way unless its preventing you form doing something :P
Thanks for replying everyone! I'd like to ask though, what is the reason for adjusting their barre finger down one string when it will only slow them down? Is it only because it is proper? Or are there other reasons?
If you move your finger down a string, it's easy to simply mute the 6th string with the tip of your index finger. That's the reason I do it.