I've used USB and Firewire audio interfaces before, but haven't had enough experience with Firewire to know if it is really better than USB.

I understand all the speed differences, but will it make a large enough difference in my recordings to warrant buying a new firewire interface for my studio?

I'm looking at 2 different audio interface packages to upgrade my home recording setup.

Basically; this USB interface or this Firewire one.
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Get whichever interface is better, don't care about the transfer protocol.
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i would go with the presonus there.

i haven't had a problem with any USB interfaces i've used, but all other things considered between the two, i would personally so with the presonus.
The difference between Firewire and USB is that Firewire is much faster than USB. It's usually used on things like digital video cameras and things like that. So it would probably be faster to get the one with Firewire. But in all honesty.. it's not $150 faster. plus, USB ports will be on every computer you use for a long time.
It depends on how many inputs you are recording simultaneously. Most USB interfaces don't have enough bandwith to record more than 4 separate inputs at the same time. Firewire can easily do 8 inputs if not more.

Basically, it comes down to do you want to spend $500 on an interface that you can use to about half its potential or do you want to spend $630 for something that you'll be able to use to its full potential?

Also, just in a Brand Vs Brand sense, Presonus kicks Tascams Ass
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Ah. See the big thing I wanted from one of this larger audio interfaces was the ability to record drums, so I guess the firewire is the way to go then.

More bang for your buck?
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More bang for your buck?

Its more like "Less Hassle for your buck"
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More bang for your buck?

Thats what she said
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ah, they look more or less the same. i have the 16 channel version of the firetube and it works great, i also owned a m-audio usb interface before and it sounded good as well.
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