I think that would be pretty cool looking on like a fretless bass or something.
Has anyone ever seen a marble fret board?
I've seen a few guitars with marble tops, but never a fret board.
That's what I was thinking, but you can get small sheets that are about a quarter inch thick.
I don't think something that thick would be too heavy.
But, it'd be kinda ugly if you used more than one sheet, it wouldn't match.
In order to make the fretboard light enough to be useful, you'd need to use a veneer of some kind. Problem is that you'd have to trade strength for weight. If the veneer was light enough to use, it'd crack\shatter pretty quick when used. If the veneer would be able to withstand playing time it would be far to heavy to make a useful instrument. A great idea though! Perhaps you might consider an inlay of some kind...?
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I've been thinking about making a guitar with a black marble top with two strips of rose wood inlayed coming down from the sides of the neck into the body seperating the marble into three different sections.
A 1/4" slab of marble as a fretboard is completely plausible. No need to use veneers or any thing, just that slab will do. Care should be taken when placing the strap pins though, as it's likely to become neck heavy if a light body wood is used.

I'd be more concerned on how the hell you radius that thing, as well as being very careful during the fretting process.
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Maybe do a les paul custom type square inlay between every fret, and thenleave a dot not routed out on 3,5,7,9 etc. That's something I've wanted to to,(with maple fretboard ebony inlay, mind you) for quite some time.

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Hmm, usually, the heavier and denser, the better sustain, so I'd imagine that would be good. I think it would be brighter too.


What would happen to the marble the moment you put some tension on the truss rod? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
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