Hey. This is most forum post so I am not very familiar with this website. So forgive me if this is in the wrong section.
I learned the stairway to heaven solo a week ago. It took me about a week to completely get down, and it could always use more work. I have been only playing for three months, so i am not expecting to much of myself. Anyways. I also learned the first comfortably numb solo is sounds cool but isnt that hard. So what do you think about the difficulty of comfortably numb 2nd solo. how hard is it and what should i do to preare for it? im not good at playing at extreme speeds and it sounds like there are some fast parts. Should i try it anyways?
I find no matter how hard something sounds on guitar, if you just dissect it, and learn it bit by bit, then I never have any problems. Not very specific advice I know. Sorry :P
I would say if you can learn to play the solo in stairway you should be good. I still have more trouble with stairway at a certain part than anything in comfortably numb. It is definitely a step up from the first solo in the song though so if you don't get it right away just stick with it.