I've been playing for about a year now and i've started to try using the floyd rose on my jackson rx10, but i can't even begin to get the hang of it. I've tried using harmonics, both natural and tapped, to do divebombs, but it never sounds right. I want to be able to do crazy stuff (not sure what all the whammy tricks are called) like Alexi Laiho does. I know it takes practice, but i have no knowledge of the techniques used so practicing is prettymuch impossible atm other than messing around with it. I can't seem to find any lessons about tremolos on this site so can anyone give me a brief overview about using the whammy?
Youtube it, that's how I learned. It seems hard at first but once you practice it enough it's a piece o' cake
Given the imprecise nature of pitch shifting with it, whammy bar usage is generally a feel thing and isn't really something that can be "taught".

But there are plenty of videos on Youtube that'll show you some cool tricks!
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Also: do you feel like it's kinda too hard/easy to push and pull on your whammy bar? Because you can alter the tension by adding or removing a spring in the back (be careful tho: doing so could mean that you have to re-adjust your setup by tinkering with the spring claw, so make sure you know how to do that first)

Whatever your current setup is tho, I'm sure your whammy bar is "useable" right now so try learning how to use it first before considering adjustments like these

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Thanks everyone i've got some ideas now especially from the videos. I'll get to practicing them and hopefully i'll be able to apply them to the rest of my playing soon.
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