Well I've written a couple songs over the past month or so, and would like to try my hand at recording them with other instruments and with good quality recording devices. I've recorded me just strumming on my guitar on my camera, but would actually like to try and record a nice sounding record.

My question is what kind of recording equipment should I get? My dad has most of the instruments and so forth in his basement. He has drums, electric guitars, bass guitar, a keyboard, microphones, but I want to actually record something, preferably straight onto my computer.

What exactly should I get to accomplish this. My friend recommended this,


but I'm not exactly sure what it does. The maximum that I could spend on any recording equipment is about $200, so what would you all recommend I do? Thanks.
So what that device does is plug in up to 4 guitar lines or two mics and 2 guitars, and then have it go straight into your computer.

You should set up a microphone right in front of your amp, and then plug it into this device. Then, you can save it to your computer.
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Are you planning on recording drums?

If not why do you need more than 2 tracks as a start. I wouldnt recommend recording drums anyway because they are the hardest thing to get right and I would suggest a VST/RTAS drum plugin with whatever recording program you decide to use instead.

I would suggest to get Firewire to not get a lag in monitoring
off ebay/craigslist for 125 or as low 75.

If youre really hellbent on recording drums I would get

These are apparently the among the cheapest with some support