For this genre it is a very solid song man.

I like the intro riff a lot, especially when the drums come in

The breakdown thing was nice, and the riff over the top on Track 1 was very good.

The riff at Bar 48 was just awesome imo, and I loved the drums, especially when they were broken down

The chord part was alright, but the melody over the top was great. The drums and rhythm got my head banging.

Only complaint is the solo. I just don't think it fits and it seems a bit rushed, but I'm sure that could be fixed easily.

Overall, it's a very good song. Drums are very good throughout. Got some nice sounding riffs in there too.

Maybe just change the solo and add bass?

But I'd say at least a 9/10 imo
sorry, but i thought this was really really average. it didnt really go anywhere. every riff was boring. no melody. just sounds like every other core. sorry to be so honest
I hate when people say "oh this sounds like every other core band," but this time it is true. The song seemed bland and empty. The intro wasn't bad, but after that, it just went downhill especially at bar 88 which I hated. The solo also didn't really fit in or seem to go anywhere. This is just generic metalcore.
well, i thought it sounded pretty ****ing good. Add a bass and get some low end in there to complete it and you got yourself a decent metal song. the only part i don't like is 88 to about the solo. that whole part was really boring, if you make some catchy lyrics than that probably won't matter. I thought the solo was nice, nothing to flashy, but its incredibly hard to make a guitar solo stand out in metal.

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BTW, if you didn't want to yourself, i could whip up a pretty decent bass part for you :P
It sounds very generic but I don't define the word generic as bad. people hate changes so generic means conservative, not bad. I liked the song until bar 80.

The intro riff sounded good although it doesn't fit the song imo. The scale used makes it a little bit less generic, it's not the most common scale in metalcore. (was talking about the riff before the breakdown)

The breakdown sounds very generic tho, and a bit boring to me spice it up a little.
the song caught my attention again at bar 40-47, a nice little bit dark sounding riff that fits the song well, if you spice up the "breakdown" a little it would fit really well as transition.

Bar 56-80 I liked as well , a pretty generic riff also when you take the drums into consideration that go half-tempo after a while. But the generic riff sounds good, and that's the most important thing.

Bar 81-103 sounds VERY boring, I lost my attention here I'm very sorry. It just doesn't fit with the speed of the rest of the song. I fast forward to the solo but find it average, it doesn't fit the song that well imo maybe that's because I lost my attention at bar 80

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1331353