Hey guys,

My music teacher has surprised me (not in a good way) by asking if I could play a piece at a show in about 2 weeks time, and I've got nothing flashy to play. Someone suggested I play Canon Rock because i'm alright with sweeps, but even then I still need to practice the ones from this song. I've condensed it down to about 6 pages of music.

What i'm asking is, do you guys think 2 weeks is enough time to practice a quite technical, unfamiliar piece well enough to play live in front of perhaps 300+ people? I'll be putting probably 1-3 hours every day and perhaps 4 - 5 hours on weekends practice in.

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I don't think anyone can possibly answer this but you. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable trying this but then again that's because I know the piece and I know where my weaknesses are with regards to it.
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2 weeks usually isn't enough time for me, but as zaphod said it's up to you. Depending on the song, I'm not usually satisfied with it until I can get it virtually flawless.
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Does it have to be flashy? You could play something slower and / or easier that you can nail with good tone... if I was an audience member I'd probably rather listen to something easy that sounds good than something technical played imperfectly. Good luck either way though...
Look at something a little less harder, may I suggest Van Halen's Ereuption?