Hey I stumbled upon this review:


of this hollow body guitar played by Tim Armstrong (Rancid).... I was shocked to say the least that this type of guitar is used for punk music (most punk players probably couldn't afford it, but that's a separate issue). Listening to the sound samples with distortion, it's def punky enough...

What do you think? Hollow bodies for punk music?
who says any kind of guitar HAS to be used for a certain genre... so i spose it could.
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There are lots of punk bands out there that use hollow bodies. I would go for it IF you think tis nice.
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I thought the whole point of punk was to break away from 'what everyone else does'.

How does having a certain guitar for that sound even come close to that?
Punk music doesn't care about what it sounds like. Crank up the gain and go. Simplistic beauty.
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Johnny Ramones guitar was a cheap ass surf guitar; any guitar sounds the same when the amp is up loud enough, so it wouldn't matter what type it was really
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The guy from Blink has his own signature Gibson/Epi hollowbody guitar.

Yeah, but he's asking about punk...

TS: I really like that guitar and if you do as well, go for it. As long as you like it you can use it.