Right guys, I need to downsize my rig.
I am currently using a 6x10 Warwick cab with a peavey tour 700 head.
I finally passed my driving test and so I am not relying on other people for lifts with bigger cars than me for gigs so I need something thats going to fit into my modest Renault Clio.
I was looking at something with a 2x10 maybe, or possibly a 2x12 cab and keeping my head, The ampeg micro VR takes my fancy but volume may be a problem with that for practice. Obviously I will be looking round and trying before I buy but I was wondering what you guys would do in my situation.
Oh, and My cab is on ebay if anyones interested in buying it message me
I'd go for a 2x12 of some sort. IMO a single 2x10 wouldn't cut it for practices and gigs.
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Don't know if this will really do it, but I played one of those acoustic mini rigs with the 1x10 speaker. It was only 100 watts but it really surprised me in tone and volume. It might cut it for a small gig or if you play quiet stuff.
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a 100 or 200 watt combo will be fine if there is am in-house PA to link up to.
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2 2x10's very portable and if your willing to spend money on good cabs they will, have very good lows, and better mids then your 6x10.
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