I was thinking about trying to get a group of people together, or possibly just myself, and dress up as bards from the renaissance era and do an acoustic jam in a nearby city during the local tourist season. I could bring a guitar, mandolin, and maybe even my violin (if I learn to play the thing better lol)

think Id be able to draw in a decent crowd as a street performer doing this? I imagine I might because it would be more than just music, it would be a show. but hell, what do I know, Im crazy lol. half the stuff Id be interested in other people wouldnt be.

so Im asking you pit, good idea or no?

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hell yeh it's a good idea!!! i'd probably go watch you during shopping or whatever if it iwas near me, the only thing is do buskers/street entertainers need a permit or a license to do that where you are?
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My heart says yes.

My brain remembers just how annoying the bards were from Assassin's Creed 2, so no.

I hope that helps.
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Sounds like a hell alot of fun! I'd have joined you if I could.
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lol idk but it does sound like a lot of fun so I might do it anyway. And yeah, Im pretty sure Id need to get a license, and costumes etc. so there would be an expense. instruments I obviously already have, and idk how much the other stuff would cost. but then again, once I have it, I could go out and try to perform all summer. even if it didnt bring in tons of cash, it would still be fun to go out and play and possibly even get a small audience

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You could, possibly, even get yourself sort of "Known" around your area for doing this. You never know what could come out of a few people knowing you, then they tell others.. Others tell their friends.. They tell their friends.. And the chain continues. You never know.

I say go for it, no matter the expense.. It'd be fun even if you make nothing.

and poll.
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id do it just to say ive done it, like the time i jamd with the hobo outside my towns liqour store
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Take pictures/video and post it if you do.

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I think getting an actual job would make you money but there is nothing retarded about that I suppose.

Most ideas like this that people post on here usually won't be so "neat" in action. They just make you look like a fool.

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There are a few different bands like that that play at the renaissance festival.
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Perform a Rick Astley cover!
Sounds like a good idea though, the outcome all depends on how well you rehearsed & shit.
Sounds like a good idea, but please don't do it on your own.
A group of people dressed in funny outfits playing strange music is seen as a bit of fun, one man doing it alone will probably be seen as mental
thanks for the input, im starting to try to get ppl together for it actually. maybe have a juggler or something. yeah Im not doing it alone to look like a mental case haha, but either way, I'll probably get messed with by some asshole, but idc, I think its worth doing just for the fun of it

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