Hello gents me and a couple of friends are putting together a musicians website and we're looking to get a couple more people on there to help test.

Basically the flow of the site is there are a bunch of backing tracks on there, which you can browse, play and comment on as you like.
If you choose, you can open a game over that backing track, and you and your chums can take all the 'slots' in that game, record your parts in, then once everyone has played their bit the server mixes it down and presents the finished game on the front page.

Were just looking for a few more people to come on and help out testing it, at the moment theres only 2-3 contributing members. You dont have to sign the secrets act or even give us regular feedback, but if you'd like a go you do need to understand that you MUST keep the url to yourself cause we dont have any legal agreements up yet and we dont want to get fckd in the eventuality that someone uploads a metallica backing or somoething.

Anyone interested? Post here and ill PM you the link
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What exactly do you need from a tester? Someone to record backing tracks or record over backing tracks?
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Mainly someone to contribute over the tracks we have already, but anyone that would like to upload backing tracks is welcomed to. In fact we were rather hoping that when it goes public, people would be able to make a name for themselves by uploading backings

Its nothing too formal really, we'd ask that you keep track of any bugs you find and let us know once in a while but were literally just a couple of guys looking for some more people to jam with on there, were not a software company or anything
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I'll help sometime.
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another thing i should mention to anyone else who might be interested, for the moment its windows only, and sorry to point out the totally bloody obvious but youll also need a way of plugging your guitar / amp into a comp or a mic to record your amp

thanks td and sax, ill just pm you guys a link or two
is it considered bad manners to bump on this forum? sorry gents :P i realy thought id get more than 2-3 people interested on a guitarists forum though? i shouldve bumped this at last night before daytime in the states really

once again nothing formal we'd just like some moree people jamming and recording their takes into it. its so easy to set up yuo can be recording stuff onto the website in a few clicks. anyone else?