hii iv got my tanglewood electro acoustic back that i had fixed because of fret buzzing problems. but iv noticed a new problem, it seems the three thickest strings E, A and D are rattling or something. iv checked the frets and i dont think it can be fret buzz because the strings in question are a noticeable distance away from the frets when playing a chord. its only noticeable when strumming pretty hard. the only other thing i can think is that the strings are 4 months old now and that is affecting it somehow. any advice would be most appreciated
Depending on how often you play, you might want to change your strings. If there is a new problem with the guitar, I would take it right back to the person who fixed the first problem and get an explanation from them. That rattling shouldn't be related to the fact your strings are 4 months old. I've left strings on acoustics much longer than that and I've never had this issue.
when this happened on one of our guitars, it turned out the tuners needed to be tightened.