I don’t have room for a large stack, so im looking for a good small electric guitar amp. i play mostly Joe satriani style as well as Eric Johnson using a variety of fender Stratocasters and an rg1550mz. i have played on a Marshall jcm-900 and loved it, i just don’t have the room for one that big... or the money for that matter :/

any suggestions? TY!

Also i have been quite intrigued with guitar rig 4. Would anyone recommend it as a cheap alternative? This is just for personal use of course, and I’m an audiophile and have a great headphone, headphone amp and speaker setup, so output isn't a problem.
Ive got a Vox AC4TV. All tube, really nice warm sound. Takes pedals pretty good. Might be worth checkin' out
Seems to me like the sound you want would be like a Vox AC4 of some kind. Nice British tube sound etc.
I often just use a little Multi FX for practice. Its okay but you I think really need to move a bit of air to get your tone right.
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