Hi. Im going to get a marshall jcm 900 combo (either 50 or 100 watt) for gigging at small to medium venues. I suspect the volume will be turned up to drummer levels but not much louder. will an attenuator be needed to get the best tone out of the amp or will the tone be good enough at this levels?
It's hard to say. You may want to test one out and see how it sounds.

PS - talking about whether a tone will be 'good enough' is pretty silly... it's an individual thing, we can't say if it's good enough.
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A lot of people prefer the 900 when dimed, so if that's your goal an attenuator is a good idea.

I can't help but ask; have you played a 900? If you are unsure of whether or not you need an attenuator then how are you sure you should be buying a 900?
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Unless its electronic drums.

It will sound fine as it is.
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What genres are you intending to play with the JCM 900? Players of metal tend to like preamp distortion more than power amp distortion and thus it will sound better at lower volumes for said genre, however classic rock, blues etc tend to favour power amp distortion and it will sound better at higher volumes.

Depends entirely on your own ears and what you play.
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