I put this on another thread, but nobody answered so here goes:

I've been looking at the RRR but I read a discription of the pedal and it says it doesn't like to be daisy chained to 1 shared power supply. I know that there are people on this board who own this pedal, and I was wondering if they've have any issues such as this. I really like this pedal and I'm considering getting it, but only if it will work with the same Gator G-Bus-8 (came with pedalboard) that powers my other 5 pedals.

Thanks in advance.

-Major Bludd
You may want to wait for the revision of the Big Box RRR. It's a few months out, but sounds like the new features will be WELL worth the wait.
I'll eventually get me a Valveking 112 and stick the RRR in the effects loop of that Amp. No idea that there was a new one on the horizon. Tell me more!