Couldn't find the place to post this, seems best here, as classifieds are for actual sales going on. So help if you can & have knowledge on shipping prices + shipping choices on drumsets for eBay! And if being in CA has any effect on the shipping price/quote, let me know!

I'm in need of money badly due to losing my job from a sever accident & my bro's letting me sell his drumset that he never really used at all, only for a damn week when he got it, so since its been MIA he's letting me get of my feet & into a car buy selling it online; thinking eBay, but what would be the best shipping price for a 5piece drumset!?

I honestly I don't know. Was thinking $250 shipping or something but no idea either UPS or FedEx.... No clue! HELP!!! Thanks in advance for those that give an input would really appreciate it!

OHH take a look of the drumset here!
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Believe me I've already tried Craigslist so being put into thought that it's better to get rid of it on eBay since that hasn't seem to help on CL plus everyone low balls way to much or flakes out a lot more.