I currently have a Boss Super OD, Boss GE7 EQ, Korg Pitchblack Tuner and plan on getting most likely a Boss Delay. How would I go about powering this simultaneously as opposed to buying the individual power adapters for each?
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DC Power Brick, or something like that. Think Voodoo Labs makes one, but don't quote me on it. Check out musiciansfriend for one
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fack that's a bit more than i wanted to spend haha
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there is a lot of options depending on budget etc modtone do a power supply that has good reviews as do voodoo labs one spot etc there are a lot of options out there
anyone tried the godlyke version of the 1 Spot?
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nope. visual sound 1 spot kit. 40 bucks done.

i am amazed atpeople who recommend something that is 100-200+ whatever for some random probably average (no offense...just sayin) dude who has 4 or so pedals.

the 1 spot will power 6-8 at teh same time fine. i say this all the time, unless you are a professional musician there is 100% no reason why you need a voodoo or brick unless you just like burning money with a lighter or your really rich.

i mean if that was the only option get it. but the one spot works beautifully!!!!!
the godlyke one is actually better. it handles 2000ma, 1 spot is 1700. and teh godlyke offers 6 or 12 pedals whereas the 1 spot is 8.

but again, if you need to power 12 pedals at once, then i would recommend a brick. even 8 is a lot of pedals. like i said for the average guy with a ordinary pedal baord (4-5) 1 spot is perfect....of the godlyke