I have a challenging dilemma and maybe someone here has some suggestions for me.

The 2 question are...
Can you think of a good way to combine a Computer Engineering degree with an aspect of music? (Amp design, keyboards, guitars, etc...).
Can any full-time musicians give me an insight to how their life is? Is it stable? Enjoyable? Stressful?

Since I was younger I've always wanted to play music but was never given the oppurtunity since my family is beyond poor. Now that I'm older(18) I go to school for Computer Engineering and, as a freshman, landed on the Dean's list, a paid internship, and multiple leadership roles.

As I have worked my way out the bad family situation through education I figured I'd give myself the opportunity to play music. I began learning guitar just a few months ago...like 9 and got decent really fast. The knowledge from guitar has allowed me to easily learn to play piano which now a favorite instrument also.

In my free time all I really do is study music I enjoy very critically, compose music, and make covers on Garageband which have turned out well. I realized that I want to do something with music for a living but the problem is the type of technical job I have right now is stable. I'd be guaranteed to never have to struggle like I did when I was younger. I would love to perform but even if I can't do that, I would like to combine my technical knowledge with musical experience.

Thanks for listening and your input guys.

Can any full-time musicians give me an insight to how their life is? Is it stable? Enjoyable? Stressful?

It's often not stable
it can be enjoyable
It can be and often is stressfull

basically, its effing hard dude. But if its what you want to do, you accept that and get down to it.
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Try to study some MIDI. For question 2 you have to define musician. Do you mean 4 guys in a van touring, or do you mean a producer or something

if you define yourself as a musician then you fit.
You'll know best how to apply your degree to musical applications, as you're the one who is studying! Since all recording studios are computer based, they'll need people like you when things go south. On the flipside, a lot of Musical Software companies (like the ones you already use) are constantly hiring people to assist them in realistically creating and designing new software. Check into your DAW products and check out their websites. Look for careers, and see what it takes. Computer Engineering is a broad degree, which is good. Basically when you're taking classes and learning think, "How can I apply this to manufacturing/creating music."

As far as being a professional musician it really depends. I have a vast amount of close friends who are “professional” musicians and they are as follows:
Lessons Instructors
Studio Musicians
Touring Bands
Now be careful here. What I’ve found in personally getting to know these people is that a lot of them have a realitive/friend/the government supporting them. I know this local band who tours up and down the west coast (of the United States, where I’m from). It seems like they’re living the dream but their parents often send them living money, recording money, and so on. I don’t have that luxury.
The most stable are my friends that are teachers, and own their own teaching studio. They hire other teachers, run the studio, as well as . Unfortunately this often caps out, as there are only so many students you can teach, and only so much you can charge.
The studio musicians and producers/record execs I know also come in two flavors, and only two flavors. Either they are very well off and working with large scale companies, or they are dead broke and highly stressed.
My advice to you would be to really plan out where you see yourself in 10 years, and start meeting as many people as you can. Talk to local recording studios, bands, producers, etc. Check into local guilds/societies of musicians. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to meet big named people that can help you a lot better than we can.
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