Hey everyone! First post on UG, hopefully i don't come out as a tard.

I am abit confused about pedal order, especially on where the chorus pedal is suppose to go :S

Amp: Marshall valvestate (has an fx loop)

Vox wah
Tube screamer ts-9
Boss noise suppressor NS-2
Digitech digidelay XDD
Korg Pitchblack tuner
Electro harmonix small clone chorus

I am abit confused about what order to put the pedals, especially about where the chorus/NS-2 is suppose to go :S

My first thought was something like

Fx send->Ns2->Small clone->Digidelay->Fx return

Agree or disagree?

Im not a master when it comes to these things, maybe im doing it completly wrong. All help appreciated!

I would go guitar-tuner-wah/ts9 (try wah before ts9 and vice versa and pick your favorite). loop send-small clone-delay-return. and run the ns-2 in the x pattern (look it up online).
Okay, well with the x pattern, where do the tuner/wah/ts-9 go?

Im guessing

Guitar->tuner/wah/ts-9->Ns -2 input


Ns-2 Send->tuner/wah/ts-9-> amp input

Thanks alot btw