Gday, I was wondering if a device exists that i can plug my guitar into between the guitar and the amp where i can set a key or pitch and the sound will be in that key through the amp.

I have a digitech gnx4 floorboard, and it has a pitch shifter, but it takes 99% of the tone out of the sound when it is shifted, unless it is playing the original pitch as well.

I dont mind a little bit of tone loss, but is there a device (not a pitch shifter) that is designed to do exactly this, down tune a guitar and retain as much of the original pitch as possible?

Thanks, any advice would be great.
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There is, but I don't remember the name and it's expensive as hell, but it can down tune a guitar as if it was in Drop C or even Drop B and sound as good.
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I heard a few different pedals could do that but i dont know.. We live in a world of technology not magic :p
Morpheus Drop Tune? It runs for about $200.
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pitch control pedal?

or if you wanted to go all out, get a gibson tiger.
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yeah morpheus drop tune or even a digtech whammy

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The only thing that can do it convincingly is the VG Strat, even then it becomes rather obvious that you've got some sort of processing at work and VG Strats aren't cheap or easy to get hold of either. Every other pitch shifter produces either a tone that barely resembles your guitar's tone or a tone that has all the tonality of a heart monitor. The more the unit is trying to change the pitch, the less and less it will sound at all natural.

Basically, either actually tune your guitar lower, get a second guitar and keep that in a lower tuning or accept that pitch shifters don't sound like you're playing a guitar any more.
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I'll disagree with that^, the Morpheus Droptune does a GREAT job with all of that. And you can get one used for around $130.
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Morpheus Droptune is the way to go, my friend. It's a sexy piece of kit.
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i love my morpheus droptune, but it sounds like a harmony clean, which is rllly weird
I'm thinking of getting a roland vg-99, it's supposed to be able to do this. Does anyone have one, or experience using one that could say if that feature is any good or not?
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OK looks like ill just grab a Morpheous De-Tune.

One thing though, Ive never used an actual Digitech Whammy, but I have a gnx4 with an inbuilt "digitech Whammy" and it really doesnt do a good job at all at convincingly changing the pitch, will the Morpheous De-Tune sound way better than the digitech Whammy in my GNX4?

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