I'm going to be upgrading the pickups in my Korean made Tokai Love Rock (Les Paul Copy) and I was hoping I could get some advice on which ones.

For the bridge position I would like a powerful pickup that has plenty of low end without getting muddy or sacrificing too much treble. I want it to sound thick with distortion but am NOT looking for metal style of distortion.

For the neck I would ideally like something that's nice and smooth but can also be thick and heavy if needed.

My Tokai Love Rock (as well as most others) has an alder body as opposed to mahogany which gives more high end and less low end than mahogany so also keep that in mind.

I'm going to be installing 4 push/pulls as well for a series/parallel switch for each pickup, phase reverse, and both pickups in series so I will need them to have a FOUR CONDUCTOR HOOKUP WIRE**

I like the seymour duncan pickups and have a little '59 in my strat so I'm considering getting another SD. I have been looking at the CUSTOM 5 (SH-14 and TB-14), '59 Model (SH-1 and TB59) and Duncan Custom (SH-5 and TB-5) but am open to other suggestions.

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I'd suggest for the Neck: Seymore Duncan JB.

As for Bridge: Go to Dimarzio's website and theres like a questionire you can do and they'll tell you what pick up to suit you!
I have the 59 model in my Les Paul (both neck and bridge, respectively) and they sound stellar, partiularly the neck.
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