Hey everyone.

I've been interested in building my own tele for a while and have been searching around for kits in which to do so. I've seen a lot of appealing cheap kits, but I have no experience with any of them.

I'm looking at building a guitar for the first time, so I want a pretty easy process to start. I've modded the shit out of my guitars and basses before, so I'm comfortable, I just want an easy task to get the hang of it before I start blowing my paycheck on Warmoth.
Are you looking for a real quality kit? Not sure what your asking.
The best kits imo are the ones sold by carvin and grizzly. Carvin is pricey compared to others, but well worth the money.
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If you've got a tele (or copy) and you've been comfortable with modding it - why not try ripping it appart and taking impressions for templates. Then just get a block of wood (you can find nice alder blanks on ebay for £35) and go nuts. get a neck, hardware and wirking kits from axereus.com (actually, you can get very nice fully painted bodys from here for about £100) and then just put it all together.

I tried it; ripped appart my 62 strat re-issue and made two pretty gorgeous custom stratocasters. there great.

I can zip you the pictures of the process if you want.
I assure you its brilliant!
guitarfetsih sells tele kits that are supposed to not suck from what I hear.
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