Sorry to dissapoint, but no NBD, silly me! But, I am definately buying my first bass guitar (finally), but I was wondering, checking the bay, this deal came up:


Its only £190, I'm tryna see if he can posti t to me as well, but is it a good bass? I've never heard of Peavey's C4 range. Shall I go that, because its nice and cheap as well, so I could put more towards something else, or shall I go all out Squier Vintage Mod? would it be worth the extra £?

Muchos Lovres, Lolzage!
I can't speak for that particular model of Peavey having never played one, but their basses are generally okay for the money.

The Vintage Modified Squiers are pretty good for the money too, but whether it justifies the price difference is up to you.

They're two pretty different beasts really.
Peaveys are normally pretty good. I've never heard a bad thing said about one so you can't really go wrong with it
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I loved my old Peavey Milestone

I mean really loved it,it was made of god knows wat,but was dirt cheap and had surprisingly good pick ups, I recomend Peavey,Ive played a few,but not that particular model...and they refuse to die,mine only met its end when I changed from heavy ass gauge strings to really light gauge (I was goin for a bright as hell slap sound) and forgot the whole set-up truss rod adjustment thing (i was young) and i f*cked the truss rod, so it got rock n roll smashed

long story short, Peaveys are good,and reliable in general,dunno specifically that model tho

looks tasty tho
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