Hey guys!
Im looking for a good Classic Rock guitar, not to exepensive(600$)!
Im playing through a Roland Cube 60x

Anyone with the know-how?
Fender strat.
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Can't go wrong with a strat! Preferably a real Fender (by which I mean not a Squier), whether or not you get one with single coils or a humbucker is up to you.
epiphone sg + 2 burstbuckers = ~$600

unless you care about having a gibson. you will get a good sound out of that set up though.
they call og or nothing at all!!
can also go Les Paul, les paul humbuckers have some really nice bright classic rock spank to them as long as ya dont overpush the crunch etc.

IMO you could go classic rock with a tele, a strat, a SG, a Les Paul, best thing would be going to a guitar store and just trying out them all.
Gibson/Epiphone SG
Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul

I always find strats look boring as well :/
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