Fellow doomheads,

I'm seeking to increase the string gauge on my baritone guitar, however it's stock machineheads must've been made for DaisyRock.

Can you suggest any specific tuners able to accept up to say 80 (eighty) gauge stings?

I love the quality of Schaller but I would like a more precise ratio than the M6 line.
The guitar is pretty well balanced and M6's would make it crazy top heavy.

Thanks for any assistance. I'll light some incense for all who reply.
Can you suggest any specific tuners able to accept up to say 80 (eighty) gauge stings?

I think that if you’re tuning that low and playing with such huge strings it would make more sense to get a baritone made for use as a six string bass instead of a baritone made for B standard. Agile, Schecter, and Gretsch sell very reasonably priced guitars that are built for this kind of playing.
From my experience, Schaller make awsome machine heads, never used any that have been better.

80 gauge on a baritone though? Isn't that a little bit too thick? You might have to look into using bass machine heads or something haha.
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Maybe some Gotohs? I dunno. The only locking tuners I've ever used were Schallers, and I never had a problem with them. Enjoy the doom

EDIT: It had better be Nag Champa you're lighting
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what kind of baritone do you have? thats weird that it won't accept thick strings. although an 80 is a bass string. were you able to find a guitar 80? where?
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^i used a bass string on my 7 once and it sounded normal

i really doubt you need an 80 gauge string, what tuning are you using and what scale length?

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