HI. I'm sixteen and I live in Delaware, Ohio. I love thrash and metal music. Not death metal, screamo, or any of that shit! I need guys ( or girls ) who like thrash and metal. Im talking Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Kreator, Morbid Saint, Exhorder! etc. All that good stuff!
I play electric guitar. Been playing for two years in August. I am self taught but I'm pretty good. I'm much better at rhythm and making awesome riffs, so I'm sort of looking for a lead guitarist, as well as A drummer and bass player. Vocals are a + too!

You can email me at josh.mergler@live.com

Or message me on here! I check my email daily so If you are interested feel free.
Heyy My friend and i have just recently started a band, we need bass guitar drums and maybe a keyboardist. We are 15 and live in piqua ohio. Please contact us at Lostofficialmusc@yahoo.com if you are interested
Hey, i am 15, i have a band, and im in urgent need of a drummer, we are not gigging yet, but wish to someday, i play guitar and have around 2 years of playing, please contact me, or txt 740-507-1791
Axe's of Choice:

Brand new Ibanez RGA32(Flat Metallic Silver)
2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom(Alpine White)
1998 Fender Strat, with Texas Overwound PuPs MiM(Black, white pickguard, Maple fretboard)