Hey you guys

My band has recently incorporated a second guitarist to allow me to be able to focus on singing, however before a few weeks ago he has been playing through a Roland Cube. He recently bought a Crate Flexwave 212, which is the same amp I play though but like myself he is not a fan of the amps's distortion. Now I myself run a Boss ME-50 in front of the amp but I don't think he will be using any effects like I do. The distortion I use when playing is the BD-2 on ME-50, so would the best distortion pedal for him to get be the BD-2 or the DS-1? I only ask this because even though the pedal is called a "Blues Driver" I seem to get a nice "Pop-Punk" distortion from it. So the question is, would the actual BD-2 produce the same sound as the ME-50's BD-2 setting or should he go with the DS-1 which is an actual distortion pedal an not an overdrive like the BD-2. Also if it helps, the guitar he plays is an ESP M-53.
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A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
the bd-2 stomp box should sound if anything, better than that off the pedalboard... it's more of an overdrive however, unlike the ds-1 which is a very weak distortion...
I have a 5watt Roland Cube practice amp, and a Boss DS1. I love both, the pedal sounds great through the amp. I recommend it to anyone, you can get soft, bluesy sounds, or hard, crunchy metal distortion. Its awesome.