Before I go and do this, does anyone think a trade for a JCM 800 Re-issue with a DSL 100 would be possible. It's an '04 model with a MM OT installed. The JCM 800 I'm looking at is used, so it's market value isn't 100%. I like my DSL, but 800s just serve my needs better.
Is a pretty fair deal. I've seen DSLs go quite freqently in the $500 range, with the MM tranny, it should still be worth less than the 800.

Just keep in mind the Reissues aren't as good as the originals, but they still sound good
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I've played an '85 next to a re-issue, and while they both sound different they both sound amazing. Tone is subjective as hell anyway, I'm sure there's a re-issue somewhere that'll murder a vintage amp.
Ya, that would be a good trade, provided an 800 serves you better than a DSL.
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