So I have a Tascam DP02-CF right now. And it seems that I can't use my SM57 on either input when phantom power is on. It works but it sounds like garbage for some reason when I do. And I need it turned on because I am running a condenser on the other input at the same time. So I know nothing is wrong with the inputs or the cables because I've tested both cables on both channels and it works when phantom power is off perfectly. So should I move on to an interface? I only use the Tascam now to record anyways and do everything else on the computer.
i would say yes, but first you need to figure out what the issue actually is. most less expensive interfaces also have a master phantom power, so its not like that is going to magically fix your problem. if it is a hardware issue in the tascam, it will fix it. if it is an issue with the mic or cable, it wont.
Well that wraps up that problem quite nicely, doesn't it?
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