Since I'm a visual learner, would you consider it cheating while learning scales to have them out in front of you (like a picture of them) to help you memorize them?

I feel like this is too easy to do, but it helps me memorize them faster and quicker than figuring them out on my own.

its just something thats been nagging me, and i just wanted other people's takes on it.
How is it cheating? It's your own learning and it's a perfectly legitimate technique.
If it helps you it helps. It certainly helps me to have them tabbed out in front of me to start with.
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Well as long as AFTER you think you learned, you can play and use them WITHOUT looking, then no cheats used.
I would call that learning not cheating
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There is no such thing as cheating in music

If it works, it works.
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no, your supposed to look at a scale once and have it immediately memorized all throughout the fretboard in every key.

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Nope. I don't know many other ways to do it when you're first starting out with scales.
If thats cheating then damn, am i one unworthy, lying, backstabbing bastard. No it's not cheating
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