Anyone know of a cool, unusual type of effect pedal? I got about $230. I'm considering maybe a whammy pedal.
EDIT: I remember reading a Guitar World article about some guy who makes these pedals that sound like lasers shooting or whatever? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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+1 for delay pedal.

The Whammy is kinda too specific to really be a 'crazy' pedal, IMO the Whammy isn't versatile enough for 'crazy' noises. All it really is is a pitch shifter... it's only crazy in combinations with other things.

What about an envelope filter? The Line 6 FM-4 is just a touch outside of your price range.
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Electro-Harmonix PolyChorus pedals - I have one of these, and that thing can do all sorts of crazy wacked out stuff.....observe....

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thanks guys i'll check those suggestions out, and $1,500? damn. Also, i already have a delay and synth wah (both digitech ).
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It works for me
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I disagree. I absolutely love my Whammy, and I find that it gives me a huge range of sonic possibilities. Combined with an analogue delay I can just play around with it for days.