Hi, first of all, I wasnt sure if pedal builds are allowed as I havn't seen one in the GB&C but, I decided to post it anyway since it doesn't say anything about it in the rules.

Ok, so, I want to build a LovePedal Purple Plexi 800. This is going to be my first pedal build but I've built other non-guitar related stuff before. I found a schematic and stripboard layout for it:

So, I decided to order the parts from Maplin, and need some advice regarding wether I got everything I need. Heres a part list:

Min Res 10R
Min Res 330R
Min Res 470R
Min Res 1k8
Min Res 4k7
Min Res 2M2
Pot Lin 1k
Pot Lin 4k7
Pot Lin 100k

Strip Board 2939
ABS Box 120x65x36
DPDT Lock Foot Sw
Jack Socket
16/0.2 Wire 10M Blk
2.1mm DC Socket
DIL IC Socket 8-Pin

100pF 100V Polyprop Cap
Polyprop Axial Audio Grade 100nF Cap
PC Elect 47uF 50V Cap

BAT43 Diode

I'm going to order the 22nF caps from somewhere else as Maplin doesn't have them. And I found the IC here: IC Chip

Im hoping for the whole thing to cost less than £50 and it's looking good already.

So, any tips, advice, am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks, and I will update this as the build progresses.
I`d replace a volume pot with a logarithmic (log, A) one since the regulation sounds more smooth.
Ok, I'll look into getting one as Maplin dont stock logarithmic pots. Why would I only need one for the volume and not the other 2?
I also use a log pot for gain aswell.
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Gain pot usually feels different especially when it comes to diode clipping (like in TSs, MXR D+s etc). It may happen that you find the regulation unnoticable in the first two thirds of a turn and way too harsh in the rest third. Same with the frequency.
Regarding this specific schematic, you can try putting a log gain, but be sure to have a lin equivalent pot if you don`t like it how it goes.
Haha, I'll just get log pots for all of them then.

I found out I should be able to start the build sometime next week.