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Yeah.. For a couple of days i have been working on the diatonic scales? I memorized the notes they contain and the 7 positions they have on the fretboard. I understand how to do some improvising with them, as well as how they are derived. I understand chord construction and how to relate to the pentatonic scale? Of course their is a lot more i do not understand about these scales, and would love some advice on where to go with these scales.

Thanks, I am really enjoying this website and this is only my second post,
scales and positions are a good beginning to learn the fretboard...its nice to feel comfortable in any position in any key...learn some simple melodies with in a scale(happy bday, jingle bells..anything simple) and learn it in all the positions that you are using with the scale..this will speed up your improve skills alot..playing fragments of a melody in a solo is a great way to stretch you ears and begin to hear new ideas that may be just a fret or two away...

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Hi there, try also learning the Arpeggios within the scale. For example in the major scale the arpeggio is 1-3-5-7, in the key of C it would be C - E - G - B. When you Link all the arpeggios with the scales you shold also learn the scales (and the arpeggios) in the 6th, 5th, and 4th string and beggining each one with the 1st, 2nd and 4th finger. When improvising try to keep in a same area and if you know 9 arpeggios for each note in on position, you will barely move from one position when improvising. After mastering that, you can add the 3 notes to the arpeggio to get a diatonic scale.

A good way of speeding up is playin the scale in intervals, like 2 ascending thirds, 1 ascending and 1 descending thirds, ascending 4ths etc. In the Key of C, ascending thirds would be:

C - E - D - F - E - G - F - A - G - B - A - C - B - D - C

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