I'd recommend setting up a mic in front of them amp and recording it that way. Congrats on the new gear!!!
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An OD may help. But the amp has a lot of high gain voices so exploring all of them is a good start.

You can get an 1/4" to 1/8" cable and hook it up to your sound card's line in. It would be better to get a 1/4" mono to stereo 1/8" adapter, then run 1/8" stereo into your line in. I've never used the line out so I can't say how it sounds.
Thanks Its a pretty good amp i was gonna get the Super Champ but 15W is too much for practice so i just went for the vibro haha it sounds great i just wish i got that scream for example when hitting a note and bending a step up and expecting a loud scream/change in pitch or modulation if u know what im trying to say. I've never had a tube amp before so its quite a new experience for me.
So all the high gain channels scream and squeal hellfire lol but the jazz/tweed channels are more mellow and i'd like some "oompf" there as well so would an OD or tube screamer be better for that. Also thanks for all the help yesterday fly
I haven't tried hitting the gain channel on my SCXD with an overdrive. I've used my pedalboard with the clean channel, but I mostly just use the onboard voicing. I'll try putting an OD on it tomorrow and let you know. Did you get the 20% discount?

One tip is to start with the gain low and raise it to the level you like, so it doesn't sound over compressed. Voices 8 & 9 are Brit/Marshall tones. I like 9 for humbuckers and 8 for single coils.