Hey there!
I am currently in a band and we are looking for a few new songs to play.
We play standard rock E.g. Foo Fighters, RHCP and so on...
Our singer has quite a low voice so he struggles to hit the high notes on most songs so any songs that he would be able to sing would be very helpful.
Thank you!
We have written some of our own music, we just want to do another cover.
Haha at Guitarhead37's comment :')
Thanks for the suggestions!
You guys can play whatever you want. He doesn't have to hit the same exact notes singer in the band that wrote that song does.

He can sing it an octave lower.
maybe some seether? shaun morgan has a great low voice, very basic songs too.
or shinedown, staind, three days grace, etc.
I think Jet makes some great band songs. Cold Hard Bitch and Are You Gonna Be My Girl? are great.
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cannibal corpse is pretty low, but then again u probably dont wnt to do death metal, my advice is play songs that sound good in lower ranges, and transpose the notes to lower octaves